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Mobile hair styling | Bridal For You

Bridal For You is the best, most affordable way to shop for a wedding dress. We offer a variety of designer wedding dresses from the best international designers at the best prices.

We also offer mobile hair styling services.  We can send a professional mobile hair stylist to your home just a few hours before your party begins. You will receive full service for the entire wedding party and yourself in one location.
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mobile hairdresser services. Contact us about our services and price for the entire wedding party package. Contact us by email or call us at the phone number displayed on our website.

Are you dreaming about a wedding in a small restaurant in Toronto, or on a pleasant beach in the Caribbean, you will not make your fantasy complete without our mobile hair stylist. The service is not as expensive as you might think. Bridal For You has a service called Mobile hair styling, which can be used when your planning your own wedding day on the beach.
Is mobile hair styling service expensive? The service is competitive and convenient. If you add up the cost for up to 5 bridesmaids, bride hairstyle and makeup, mothers-in-law and flower-girl you may be surprised to find out that is often less expensive to pay for a trip to your destination for our mobile hair stylist than traditional wedding hair and makeup costs in Greater Toronto Area. This is because hair stylist generally charge for one hair style or make up per person so it will be close to $500 for a bridal party of 6 people. For a bride looking to create a really memorable wedding party without unexpected hair or makeup disappointment for your beach party, mobile hair stylist is a perfect option. On your wedding day the hair and makeup services can be done multiple times as long as it’s ready for your next photo shoot.
Wedding hair and makeup budget.
The number of your guest list will determine the size of your budget for you wedding party. The cost for wedding hair and makeup equals to a ticket purchased for the mobile hairdresser by couples who plan their wedding party on the beach.
If you`re watching for less expensive destinations, avoid a wedding in at a top travel spot, consider choosing an off-season date, and explore local travel agencies with a less popular price.
Contact our mobile hair stylist today or visit our Wedding links to read more what other people have done when they had their wedding party.

Find the best wedding hair and makeup style and complement it with the right wedding dress, bridal shoes and wedding accessories.

Find everything you need for a perfect wedding in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

If you are looking for the best advice on planning your Toronto Wedding, Bridal For You has lots of useful wedding tips to guide you.

Bridal For You will direct you on how to find your disc jockey and live entertainment for your wedding party.

We will help you to add more elegance and personality to your wedding party in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Bring a warm atmosphere to your special day with expert wedding décor and floral arrangements`

You can also use our Contact Us navigation link if you have any questions about our wedding services.